Resources for Dancers and Dance Educators

 Delaware Dance Education Organization, is providing a space where Delaware Dance Educators can share resources for the personal and professional well-being of educators and their students. Please see previous webinar recordings and power point presentations below. Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions.


We hope you will join us for all upcoming cyber support events for Delaware's Dance Educators.

Current Webinar Series:

Groundswell: Dance as a Voice for Social Change

8/13 - A Pathway to Understanding and Healing: Exclusivity & Racism in Dance

(click here for support materials)

8/20 - Taking it to the Next Level: Jazz Dance for the Curious Dance Teacher (click here for support materials)

8/27 - Ballroom Dance: A Lens for Discovering & Honoring our African Roots (click here for support materials)


Previous Webinar Series:

Co-Vid19 Cyber Support

6/4 - NDEO: Resources, Benefits, & Opportunities (click here for support materials)

5/21 - Virtual Performances & Social Distancing (click here for support materials)

5/7 - Online Learning for Dance (click here for support materials)

4/30 - Financial Considerations (click here for support materials)

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